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What Millcreek Plumbing Pipe Noises Are Telling You

What Millcreek Plumbing Pipe Noises Are Telling You

Drains are some of the most important plumbing component in any home, and there are a few types of signals that might indicate issues taking place within them. One category to be aware of here: Strange noises, which may appear in a few different forms and could signal several different things.

At Neighborly Plumbing & Services, we're happy to provide a variety of drain cleaning and related services to clients throughout Millcreek and other parts of Utah, keeping their drains in tip-top shape at all times so they work efficiently and don't experience issues. What are a few sounds you might hear from your drains, and what are they telling you? Here's a general primer.

Drains and Noises

There's only one sound your drain should be making on a regular basis: The simple sound of water running through it without interruption. If sounds of anything else are coming through your drains, the sound could be attempting to alert you to some other issue in your plumbing system.

Now, a one-time noise that doesn't repeat isn't likely a major cause for concern. It's when these noises become more frequent that they're worth worrying about. Let's get into some specific noises.

Gurgling Sounds

One prime example is when gurgling sounds come through your drains almost every time you turn on the faucet. This might signify that air is getting into the drain through a crack or hole in the pipe. This might be due to something as small as a loose connection, which you can fix by tightening it up, or as severe as a busted seal that must be replaced. If this is happening consistently, call our plumbers for assistance.


If you begin to hear a rattling sound, on the other hand, this is usually a strong signal that there's a clog in your drain. This is often a tougher issue to address than air leaks and most likely will require the services of a plumber, especially if you frequently hear these rattling sounds.

Because they involve debris in the water, clogs can be tough to remove on your own with chemicals or hot-water flushes without causing severe damage to your plumbing. A plumber can get your drain unclogged quickly and effectively so you don't have to deal with these noises anymore.

Ghost Flushing

One additional concern you may both hear and see is ghost flushing, or situations where the toilet flushes itself without someone touching it. This can often be traced to a faulty toilet tank mechanism, which you'll want to have replaced as soon as possible before other components fail due to this damage. In other cases, it could be due to pipes that aren't vented properly -- if this is the case, you may also see bubbles appearing in your toilet water simultaneously.

For more on how to address sounds coming from your plumbing drains, or to learn about any of our drain cleaning, sewer repair or other plumbing services in Millcreek or other parts of Utah, speak to the staff at Neighborly Plumbing & Services today.

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