Sewer Line Repair

You don’t always know when you need sewer line repair. Broken sewer lines can be insidious. One day, everything seems fine, and the next, you have clogged drains and your house is filled with a bad smell. It can be scary. What should you do? Call the most reliable plumbers in Salt Lake City for help — Neighborly Plumbing.

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The invention of indoor plumbing has been instrumental in improving people’s health. To be able to easily and cleanly dispose of human waste and to have running water to wash with after is extremely important for sanitation and physical health.

So when something goes wrong with our sewer lines, we tend to panic. A persistent smell in your home, a clogged toilet or a puddle of raw sewage backing up into the basement can be horrifying. That’s when you know you need a plumber, quickly.

But can you ever have a broken sewer pipe and not even know? Sure you can. Signs of a broken or leaking sewer pipe include a persistently spongy spot in your yard over your sewer pipe, a patch of grass that’s greener than the rest, a new infestation of rodents or insects in your home, a sudden increase in mold and mildew growth, and cracks in cement structures such as walkways or basement floors.

All these signs indicate a problem with your underground sewer lines. That’s when you need sewer line repair in Salt Lake City.
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Sewer Line Repair in Salt Lake City

Sewer line repair used to always be a big, expensive job, involving backhoes and other heavy equipment. Now, modern plumbers have tools that can often correct the problem without the need to dig up your yard, which can run up a bill and destroy your landscaping in the process.

When you suspect a sewer line problem, the first thing our plumbers in Salt Lake City do is insert a tool with a camera into your sewer pipe to determine what the issue is. It seems hard to believe that tree roots can break a metal pipe, but it happens. In fact, “rooter service” is so named because the reason for the clog is often tree roots.

If we see tree roots or another type of clog with our camera, we blast it out of with a pipe-jetting tool. Then we repair the cracked pipe by injecting an inflatable pipe liner. This saves you money as well as the hassle of a big mess.

Sometimes, however, the sewer pipe is not merely cracked; it is broken beyond repair. That’s when pipe replacement may be necessary, unfortunately.

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Whenever your sewer lines are not draining properly, call Salt Lake City's most reliable plumbers — Neighborly Plumbing. We provide fast, efficient, professional sewer line repair at a fair price. And we do it with a friendly smile — that’s why we have “neighborly” in our name!

For sewer line repair, water heater service, drain cleaning and other plumbing services in Salt Lake City, trust the team at Neighborly Plumbing.


To serve our Wasatch neighbors in their plumbing, drain, and renovation needs. We are committed to giving you a reliable, fair, and ethical service with our local, experienced team. We strive to ensure that once our services are done, you will never need to call another plumber again.
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