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Understanding Your Home's Main Sewer Line

Understanding Your Home's Main Sewer Line

There are a few components in a given plumbing system that are especially important, and one of the top examples here is the main sewer line. Connected to both your home and the sewer system that runs in your area, the main sewer line plays multiple vital roles - and also must be protected from certain potential issues arising over time. 

At Neighborly Plumbing & Services, we're here to help with any sewer line repairs or other sewer-related needs that come up for clients around Salt Lake City, Millcreek, Park City, Sugar House or nearby parts of Utah. We've found, however, that many of our clients are not entirely up to speed on what their main sewer line is, the roles it plays, and some of the other important details here. Let's run through everything you need to know about your main sewer line.

What is the Main Sewer Line?

As we alluded to above, the main sewer line is essentially the large pipe that connects a home or other building to the larger municipal system of sewers. The exact size and configuration of this will vary based on local regulations and your particular situation, but it's usually made from durable materials like PVC, cast iron, or concrete.

This line will feature connections that run both toward and away from your home, so that waste can be sent out and the sewage from other properties in your area can come in. There may also be manual or automated valves that can control how much flow of wastewater occurs here.

What Are the Key Roles of a Main Sewer Line?

The main sewer line plays three key roles for a typical home:

  • It transports wastewater, such as sewage and graywater, away from your home and into the municipal system of sewers.
  • It helps prevent water backflow coming in from other properties or the main sewer pipe itself.
  • It helps protect your home by preventing wastewater backup that might otherwise occur right within your property.

Each of these roles is vital for your plumbing system and overall health of your home.

Who is Responsible For the Main Sewer Line?

A common question we get, and an understandable one given that your sewer line runs into the main municipal system, is who exactly is responsible for repairs or other maintenance on this line. Generally speaking, you'll be responsible for any sewer line running from your property to the main pipe - in most cases, this point will be determined based on where your property line ends and the street begins.

For any other issues, the responsibility may fall under the local municipality where you are located. However, additional factors like easements and the age of your sewer line may come into play as well.

Possible Issues With a Main Sewer Line

Because of its length and its role in transporting a variety of materials, your main sewer line may encounter some problems over the years. Here are some top examples:

  • Tree root infiltration: One of the most well-known issues here is the potential for tree roots to penetrate into your sewer line and cause blockages. This can be especially consistent in older pipes that are not made from as durable materials.
  • Silt buildup: As wastewater moves through the main pipe, silt may also build up - thereby reducing its flow capacity over time.
  • Cracks and leaks: Improper installation, age and other factors can contribute to cracks or leaks forming in the main sewer line. Left unaddressed, these issues could lead to hazardous materials entering your property.

Remedies Available

If you have concerns about your main sewer line, the best approach is to call in a professional plumber like Neighborly Plumbing & Services. We can inspect the line for any potential issues and then take steps to repair those as needed. This might involve a few different methods:

  • Hydro jetting: If your main sewer line has become clogged with debris, we can use specialized hydro jetting equipment to quickly and effectively clear out the line.
  • Auger or snake: This is a tool that's used to help break apart blockages and other materials in your main sewer line.
  • Trenchless sewer repair: We can also use this advanced method to repair the line without having to dig up and remove it.

No matter what your main sewer line issue looks like, you can count on Neighborly Plumbing & Services to get the job done quickly and effectively. Contact us today for more information about this or any of our other plumbing services around SLC, Park City, Millcreek, Sugar House or nearby parts of Utah.

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