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Prepping Your Water Heater for Fall and Winter

Prepping Your Water Heater for Fall and Winter

As the long and hot Utah summer is finally completely behind us, homeowners around the state are looking to prepare their properties for the colder parts of the year. There are a few key components to be considering as we move into fall and eventually winter, and your water heater is one of the most important.

At Neighborly Plumbing & Services, we're happy to offer numerous plumbing services to clients around SLC, Millcreek and nearby areas, including comprehensive water heater solutions for any need you may have. Here are some simple ways to ensure your water heater is prepared for the upcoming cold season - whether you carry these out on your own or require assistance from our professionals wherever necessary.

Checking Tank Insulation

One consideration as we move into winter is the extent to which your water heater tank is insulated. Older tanks in particular may have issues with insulation and keeping water warm - if you don't know how well-insulated your tank currently is, contact our team and we'll be happy to provide an inspection.

If needed, we can also replace any damaged or insufficient insulation on the tank as well. This is important because a tank that isn't properly insulated can lose heat much more quickly, leading to higher energy bills and potential issues with hot water availability.

Pipe and Valve Check

Before we move into the most stressful periods of the year for your water heater, it's important to take a close look at any nearby pipes or valves that may be connected to the system. If you notice any rust, corrosion or leaks in these areas, contact our team for assistance right away.

In addition, if you're planning on heading out of town for an extended period during the winter, consider shutting off your water heater completely while you're gone - this can save you big on energy costs and prevent any issues while you're away.

Sediment Check

Another important factor to monitor in your water heater is sediment buildup. Over time, minerals and other debris can collect at the bottom of the tank, reducing its efficiency and potentially leading to issues with hot water supply. If you notice any unusual noises coming from the tank or a lack of hot water, this could be a sign of sediment buildup - call us for an inspection and potential flushing service.

In fact, some homeowners simply plan to flush their tank every year or two as a maintenance item. Our pros can help you determine whether this is necessary based on your usage and system quality.

Double-Check Flood Stop System

All water heaters are installed along with a flood stop system that's designed to prevent any major flooding issues in case of a malfunction. To ensure this system is fully operational before the winter, take some time to manually check it or call our team for assistance.

This might be an area where you need a bit of assistance from our professionals, depending on your level of comfort and expertise. But even if you're confident in your own abilities here, it's good to have a second set of eyes take a look just in case.

Exhaust and Intake Checks

While we already discussed pipe and valve checks, it's also important to consider the exhaust and intake areas of your water heater. These are necessary for proper ventilation and must be clear of any debris or obstructions.

If you notice anything unusual in these areas, such as blockages or buildup, contact our team right away to address the issue before it becomes a larger problem. This can help prevent carbon monoxide leaks and other safety hazards.

Check on the Thermostat

Water heaters are also equipped with thermostats that control the temperature of your hot water. Before winter fully sets in, take a moment to check on the thermostat and make sure it's functioning properly.

If you're experiencing any issues with inconsistent or insufficient hot water temperatures, your thermostat may be malfunctioning and require replacement. Our professionals can help diagnose this issue and provide necessary repairs or replacements as needed.

At Neighborly Plumbing & Services, we understand the importance of having a functioning water heater during the colder months. That's why we're dedicated to providing high-quality, efficient water heater solutions for all our clients. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or any necessary repairs or maintenance services in SLC, Millcreek or any nearby area!

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